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Arun Gee: Entrepreneur Who Built a Global Business

Arun Gee, portrayed in a headshot, radiates confidence with a warm smile.

Arun Gee, also known as Guru Gee, is the driven chairman behind the Excellency Group of Companies. Born in a middle-class Delhi village (Kushak Hirank) in 1981, Gee’s ambition emerged early, sparking an interest in business at just 16.

At 21, he launched his entrepreneurial journey, inspired by Indian business leaders. The Excellency Group, founded in 2002, has since grown into a multinational entity. In 2020, Gee further diversified with Excellency Holdings.

Arun Gee Spirit: Vision, Trust, and Global Reach

Arun Gee embodies the classic entrepreneur. He possesses a keen eye for opportunity, a willingness to dream big, and the drive to make it happen. Trust is paramount in his ventures, a principle he consistently upholds.

Despite the Group’s relatively young age (established in 2002), Gee’s companies have established a strong global presence. Their success is a testament to his unwavering work ethic and commitment to building trust. Gee’s ventures encompass a diverse range of industries: real estate, construction, hospitality, education, oil, and IT. This demonstrates his versatility and keen understanding of various markets.

Gee’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the Excellency Group. He actively supports budding businesses, having invested in nearly 15 startups, with a proven track record of fostering success in seven of them.

Arun Gee’s story exemplifies the power of determination, vision, and entrepreneurial excellence. His companies continue to make a significant impact across various industries, both domestically and internationally.

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